Video Movement and Posture Analysis

Through posture and movement assessments, it can be determined what muscles may be impacting the client’s ability to move. These posture issues can then be addressed with exercises and stretches in a stability and mobility program, which may help to improve muscle balance.

In each assessment, we are looking to see what posture error is occurring and which muscles may be compensating for the deviation through state of the art technology. We are looking for which muscles may be tight and which muscles may be lengthened. Tight muscles need to be stretched with a flexibility program and lengthened muscles can be helped by a strengthening program.

A variety of factors can contribute to imbalances or asymmetries that can lead to faulty patterns of movement. These include:

  • Dominant patterns of movement, such as right- or left- handedness
  • Repetitive work
  • Recreational and sport activities
  • Preferred postures of habit, including sleep positions

These factors play a part in some muscles being short, long, weak or strong, which over time can lead to joint breakdown, tissue dysfunction and pain.

ATInnovations has been trained to evaluate your body as a whole. Looking for movement imbalances, muscle asymmetries and biomechanical deviations then use their findings to design an individual exercise and manual therapy approach to offer long-lasting relief. Our goal is to give you the tools you need to keep your body operating efficiently for long-term health.